My first blog posting!

I have finally found (stolen) some time to sit down and start my blog – only about 6 months or so after I decided to start writing one! Now that I’ve started, my challenge will be to find time to update you all with the goings on of Clare’s Cake Boutique.

Here is a little bit of history for you. I guess you could say that Clare’s Cake Boutique was born about 7 years ago when a close friend asked me to make her wedding cake. Thankfully it was a success and I was then asked to make cakes for other friends and family and my hobby grew from there. Last April our son Elliot was born and we decided that it was finally time for my hobby to become a full time business. So 2 weeks before Elliot’s due date, I gave up working long hours in the city to start Clare’s Cake Boutique and to look after our son. I had a frustrating 4 week wait for our lil man to arrive as he decided that he was too happy where he was. This meant that when he was 8 weeks old I had my first wedding cake to deliver. Thankfully it was a fairly simple one as I ended up having a c-section and not being able to do too much for 6 weeks or so.

Now, 10 months on, I have cakes of all shapes and sizes to create each week. My little business has grown from only a couple of cakes a month to a couple and often a fair few more cakes a week now. I’m absolutely loving the variation of cakes that I have the honour to make for people. From traditional Christening and wedding cakes to fun character cakes for children. Some of my weeks have been a challenge as I’m fitting everything round looking after Elliot, keeping the house in a semblance of tidy and looking after my husband when I can! Thankfully I have an amazing mother on hand who has on many occasions come to my rescue to entertain Elliot and keep me sane!

I’m also building up my cake decorating courses and I’m thoroughly enjoying teaching all my lovely students. It’s so rewarding sending people home with something that they have created that they didn’t think they could achieve. I’ve also had the privilege of seeing what some of them have achieved since they’ve had a lesson with me and it’s great to see how their confidence has grown so that they can attempt more complex projects than before.

A couple of weeks ago I had a Peter Rabbit cake to make which was so much fun. I used one of Beatrix Potter’s drawings to create Peter Rabbit and loved how he ended up looking. Until last year I’d not made too many models and I was a little unsure every time I was asked for one. Now I can’t wait for my next challenge! I’m enjoying the modelling so much and just want to sit all day and play with sugar… Unfortunately my son does not agree with me on that one – unless he can eat it of course!

This week I’ve been making ‘Iggle Piggle’ for a little boy’s first birthday cake, a ‘Hare’ for a 70th birthday cake and I’ve also made ‘Eeyore’ which is for a future project but I’ve been itching to make him for ages so I finally sat down last night and made him. Here is a sneaky picture of him – I hope you like him too!

Ciao for now, I look forward to updating you with more cakey news soon!