Competition time!

So, it’s been a little while since my last blog, mostly due to me being very busy and then deciding to throw entering a competition into the mix as well!

As most of you have probably seen already, I entered the Cake International competition last week.  The closing date for the competition was the 30th March and I only found this out 2 days before.

I’ve always had a love for Winnie the Pooh and as I was browsing images for inspiration for another model I was making, I came across a picture of Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore hugging. I decided then and there that that was what I was going to make out of cake. I bought myself an 18”x18” board for them to sit on and worked out the biggest size I could make them. Each character was carved from four 7” round cakes. Previously I have only carved a couple of small cakes so I was a little daunted by something so large and a little more complex, but then a competition is meant to stretch you right??

I had a lot of fun carving the two figures to the right shape and it was a little challenging icing them without the icing tearing. Something I achieved with Eeyore, but not Pooh. Poor Pooh had the doorbell rung on him 3 times whilst being iced which meant he had a few tears… Luckily these were all under his red t-shirt so his dignity remained intact!

Creating their faces and expressions was very rewarding and I was very pleased with the end result. My biggest challenge was attaching the arms for both of them as they were not wanting to stay put. One of the rules for the class I had entered was that there were no internal supports allowed and everything above the cake board had to be edible. As such, I was hoping that the arms would defy gravity and stick on with royal icing! I ended up using clingfilm to support them whilst drying.

I finally finished the cake around 9pm the day before the competition and was very pleased with my end result. Until at 10pm my husband suddenly pointed out that I’d forgotten Eeyore’s tail!! Now I know Eeyore often loses his tail, but he needs one to lose to start with!!

The journey up to Alexandra Palace was a little nerve wracking as I had no idea if the arms would hold. When I arrived, whilst the arms were still mostly attached, they were starting to pull away. Note to self – don’t try and make such a large carved cake with heavy hanging parts!! Trying to fix it would have only made it worse, so I had to leave it and hope for the best.

Over the weekend Pooh’s arm did fall off, but Eeyore’s survived, just! I still received a lot of admiring comments and I was awarded with a Merit which I’m very pleased with considering the challenges I had with the arms. I learnt a lot from the experience and the biggest thing was that most people had been working on their cakes for weeks and not days. Apparently it’s fine for the cakes to be stale as they are not being eaten! I’d not even considered a stale cake so made the whole thing in under 4 days!

Bring on the next competition – I’m ready for you now ;-).