When collecting your cake please ensure that you transport the cake in either the foot-well or in the boot of your car. It is recommended that this area is clean and clear before you arrive to collect your cake.

Please be aware that placing your cake on a seat, lap or uneven surface even for a small journey may effect the stability and internal structure of your cake which could result in irreparable damage. 

On hot days it is recommended that you travel with the air conditioning on or with windows open to keep the environment relatively cool. 

It is then recommended that the cake is taken directly to the venue as any lengthy time in the vehicle can increase the risk of damage to your cake. If you take your cake home before taking it to your venue, please ensure that your cake is stored in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight and in the packaging provided. Please do not store your cake in the fridge unless specifically advised to. 

When setting up your cake at the venue please make sure that it is not placed in direct sunlight or too close to a heat source. Please consume within the time suggested when collecting your cake. 

Once your cake has left our premises with you, we are no longer liable for any damages that may occur. If however any repairs are required, and these are possible and there is availability for us to fix it, it will be at the cost suggested at our discretion. This will need to be paid up front before any damages are fixed. We cannot promise to be able to fix all damages, however, we will do our best to help if this is required should any accidents happen! If the guidelines above are followed, then you should have no problems delivering your cake in perfect condition to your venue. 

Enjoy your cake!